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Cookies are pieces of data stored in your web browser that include a unique reference code to identify you. Cookies are used to store and sometimes track information about you. A number of cookies we use last only for the duration of your web session and expire when you close your browser. Other cookies are used to remember you when you return to CaptionHub and will last for longer.

We use cookies to

Some of the cookies by CaptionHub are set by us; some are set by third parties who are delivering services on our behalf.

Cookies used by CaptionHub

selworthy_sessionUsed to persist data during your usage of the site
remember_tokenUsed to remember your login data for a limited period of time
_canvas-warningUsed to confirm if you've seen a particular warning that you should only see once
sc_is_visitor_uniqueUsed by StatCounter, our analytics tool, to keep track of site usage statistics.